Seamless, Interesting, Cool: HIGHASAKITE

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tonjethilesen1Highasakite come straight out of Oslo, Norway. They have a crazy cool sound that is dense and minimalistic; full bodied like a rich Barolo with vocals reminiscent of Kate Bush in all her glory, ethereal and mysterious but with a modern deeper edge. This week the full length album, Silent Treatment, drops all over the world and the music that they’ve been sharing live on tour, will come into your own waiting hands.

There are some tasty nuggets on Silent Treatment. “Lover Where Do You Live”, Ingrid Håviks speaks to a romance gone by or maybe it’s what she’s wishing for. Her voice is full of longing, asking do you live in the sky, in the clouds, in the ocean. The emotion I felt behind the lyrics and the way Håvik sings it, just about broke my heart. The second serving of tastiness is “The Man on the Ferry,” a more upbeat song with a catchy hook. It taught me a new word, “catastrophialand,” which I will now have to work into everyday conversation. This song is one that goes from minimalistic to dense. Layered sounds, guitars and harmonies then just voice and keyboard. Seamless. Interesting. Cool.

Highasakite are Ingrid Helene Håvik, Trond Bersu, Øystein Skar, Marte Eberso and Kristoffer. The music is wonderfully crafted and unique. This is Indie Pop done in a new way, evoking emotion as well as head bopping. It’s crazy good. They will be performing some choice dates in NYC, DC, Philly, and Boston in May. If you’re in that area go see them, if not pick up a copy of Silent Treatment on Propeller Recordings. It’s an amazingly cool listen.

A sampler of the album can be heard here.

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Silent Treatment is available on iTunes and Amazon

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  Highasakite on the web:  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Instagram 

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