Scarlet Youth, The Everchanging View

a0447337625_2Love, passion, grief, regret: emotions so brilliantly poured out in the songs of The Everchanging View. Tantalize your senses with this new album from Scarlet Youth.  The Finland based band rushes you in with an eclectic sound, and keeps you captive with smooth vocals and a range of music that captivates your ear drums.  The strings section turns it up on this album, making it unique in Indie pop and easy to dive into.

Their sophomore album showcases the growth the band has gone through in the three years since their debut album in Japan.  With lyrics that are easy to relate to, yet twisted beautifully into an enigmatic art form, each song engages multiple dimensions of the listener’s mind.  From the first song on the album, entitled “You and Me”, through each artistically crafted sound, including “My Dream is Yours” which takes a heavy dose of synthesizers that will catch you off guard, every song has its individual genius.

Take a journey through the emotions and music of Scarlet Youth, and as it drives you through every season emotion can invoke, take a moment to look around you.  As you take this evocative trip, make sure you check out The Everchanging View.

Scarlet Youth on the web:

 — Aaron Wallace | @Aaronforever87 

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