Scarlet Soho: Hit the Floor

If you’re a band from the UK and in the middle of working on your next album, how do you respond to a request to introduce the U.S. to your music? Scarlet Soho had just such an opportunity upon be contacted by U.S. electro label A Different Drum. The product of that request is a VIP, limited edition, CD compilation called Hit The Floor-Favorites and Rarities of which 300 copies will be made available. The band pulled from their 2004 Human Recordings Divisions of Decency and 2009 Major Records Warpaint then added six previously unreleased tracks to provide a pretty broad spectrum of the band’s fourteen year history. To complete the package, there is a 16-page photo album.

This one-hour, 16 track album is a comprehensive compilation of the styles Scarlet Soho creates. The band starts out on a foundation of synth pop. Many tracks are drum trigger, electronic keyboard driven. In fact “Modern Radio” buries the vocals off-stage allowing triggers to be the most prominent element and keys taking the secondary role. “Is Growing Up The Best We Can Do” it’s straight-up Brit dance rock. “Speak Your Mind” draws from the origins alt with a feel that could draw in Bowie, IAMX and late AFI fans. “We Must Destroy” offers something to people who like The Matches and The Killers although, “Disconnected” really has that Brandon Flowers aesthetic. Then things get more daring. “Satellites” plays with distortion of both vocals and instruments. “Reveal” is experimental in its noise-pop. Fibre Optic mixes pop with industrial, “No Reception” plays with metal guitars and the only definition that comes to mind for “No Encore” is sci-fi alternative. Ironically “Pedal To The Metal” has no metal elements at all. It is just synth pop.

Overall, it feels like Scarlet Soho has selected a perfect collection that is a great introduction to the U.S. market. Especially a market starved for originality and uniqueness in the pop category. There is nothing cookie-cutter here. This record speaks to a very sophisticated and adventurous musical pallet. It serves spice, savory, exotic and even a hint of sweetness that can be enjoyed multiple times, each one offering the listener something they hadn’t heard the first time.

Hit The Floor – Favorites and Rarities CD available is available here.

Scarlet Soho on the web:

— Kathy Creighton | @Mama_Kath

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