Sanchez 77: Punk Rock Lives

Scribble Republic is the fruit that has fallen from the tree that is Sanchez 77 and I have to say it’s pretty damn tasty fruit.  The sound of the band, I was told, had a heavy late 70’s post-punk vibe. In my head all sorts of alarms started going off…visions of roaming Bush Tetra like zombies abounded. (A tad dramatic maybe but generally a revisit never turns out well.)

Sanchez 77Well, here I stand to tell the people that I was totally wrong. I listened to Scribble Republic a few times…and it was as described. Sanchez 77 has truly captured the sound and vibe of punk. The EP is really cool hang with Paul Lamour and Alex Onassis, old buds who listened to a lot of Gang of Four, Adam & the Ants (when they were good), and Wire. Scribble Republic has a genuine tight sparseness to it. As I listened it sounded familiar, but it wasn’t something I could put my finger on. Even though it’s reminiscent of that time it’s not really trying to copy it. It is its own animal.

Sanchez 77 put down six major cool tunes. “Sibyl Vane” was a highlight for me.  It’s so bass driven, with Paul’s yummy deep vocal and its quirky chorus. “All the Young Hipsters” is another song that I really dug, which seems to be the consensus since it has been getting a lot of play on web based stations. It’s perky, upbeat and totally danceable. “Repetition” hits the nail of punk, lyrically. The themes of boredom, disdain, a searching for the new are completely relatable to kids today. As a parent of a 13 year old hearing be my latest addiction…I get so bored so easily struck me like a truck.

The year may have changed and the music may be different but in the end it all spins round. Sanchez 77 is really in its proper groove. The sound and lyrics may have deep roots in the day, but they’ve taken those roots and grew them into a fresh wicked cool tree.

The EP is exclusively available on Bandcamp, then on November 15 you can purchase Scribble Republic on Amazon and iTunes.  You need to have this EP in your mix.

Sanchez 77 on the web:
website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Bandcamp

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