“A few weeks ago – I asked twitter for suggestions for song ideas – giving myself the challenge of writing a song in ten minutes. Two tweets in particular set the wheels in motion for this song, one was a link to a Wiki page about “Seasonal Affected Depression” – the other was “the story of a coffeemaker and a toaster – theirs is a forbidden love”. 

This reminded me of this very sad, sad barista I met a few years ago. He and his partner had been living together, working together, bought a puppy together… they were in love and wanted to spend their lives together. As his partner’s work visa had expired – and we STILL don’t have marriage equality – they were not able to marry to stay in Australia together.

This was such a fucking awesome way to write a song – a test case, if you will, for one of the ways in which the online community for the album will work. This song wouldn’t have happened without the interaction with people who enjoy my music.” – Tom Dickins

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