Rilan’s “RIP”

10703714_310384849145879_3806292048622544801_nWhat makes you feel alive? A brisk walk outside? How about an adventure to a far off land? Maybe even just a night out with friends? For me, it’s when you hear the first beat of a real good song vibrate through your body from the inside out. When music is that good, you just can’t let it rest in peace.

Those who know me best know that electro-pop and pop in general is my kryptonite. Recently, a dear friend of mine introduced me to LA based dancer and electropop connoisseur Rilan. Rilan is one of those artists whose music makes you feel alive and his latest single “RIP” is the ultimate earworm. The song covers the subject of a horrible ex-lover who wants to come back into the picture. Just when you thought they were out of the picture for good, they came back and all you wanted was to be left alone.

There are so many emotions that you can feel within the song. The heavy guitar riff in the chorus enhances the anger in the lyrics. Then you have this sweet melodic tone delivered by Rilan that brings sadness or fear that he doesn’t want to relive what had happened before. Yet, this is electro-pop. I would be remised to not talk about the lovely synth beat that breathes life into the song. It takes this inanimate art and gives it a heartbeat thus making it perfect for any big city dance floor.

It’s almost shocking that “RIP” is only Rilan’s second single. With a great start like this, I see a very lengthy career on the horizon.  With music that good, you just can’t let it go unheard!

Rilan on the web: | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud | iTunes

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