Review: Otherkin’s As A High

Otherkin, by definition, describes a person who is not fully human.  The name suits this band just fine, with their out of this world music and deep tones.  With their newest release, As A High, Dublin based band Otherkin delivers an EP packed with appeal.  The lads debuted the album on March 27, amid praise from around Europe.  Listed on AMA’s emerging roster, and prominently displayed with Whelan’s Ones to Watch 2014, the band is fast gaining popularity.

Their EP boasts three fantastic songs: “Ego Mud”, “SLN”, and “As A High”, the title track.  The resonant alternative rock pushes limits both with lyric and sound, giving a unique experience.  It’s difficult to describe the feelings and sounds associated with this album, and can only be explained with the title track.  Listening to this EP truly is like experiencing a high.  Euphoria, trance, and impulse hit hard for the listener, engaging the audience in a surreal experience.  Not often are artists found that can invoke these kinds of feelings.  Otherkin balances the rope between reality and hallucination, a skill that bands such as the Doors or the WHO mastered, but has rarely been seen since.  Listening to the EP is not just entertaining, it’s a full on trip.

Released with their EP is the music video for their song “SLN”.  Delicately balancing, and sometimes forcefully smashing, S & M fantasies with forms of fetish and torture, the video is both disturbing and provocative.  Aligning your fears with eroticism brings the video a dark appeal which any twisted mind will willingly enjoy.

Seldom is a band made that captures the darkest aspects of the human soul and merges them with our desires.  Otherkin does this with every song, and ensnares your mind.  Listen to the EP, out now, and throw some support at this great Irish band who, for their efforts, deserve it.

Otherkin on the web:  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Bandcamp

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