REVIEW: Man Made’s TV Broke My Brain

The band is Man Made. The alias is Nile Marr. Surname look familiar? It should as he is the son of guitar legend Johnny Marr, but there’s more going on.  This singer-songwriter is now breaking out in his own right. Joined by Scott Strange and Callum Rogers, Nile has released the debut TV Broke My Brain.

The first song up is the title track, “TV Broke My Brain”, a 2 minute bass laden opener which sets up the album very nicely with its catchy chorus. The second number is “Nobody’s Dreaming”, a song that must be a single release sooner or later. With its hint of 80’s synth, this one grabs your attention instantly. “Plastic Key to Living” follows. This song is an alternative look on the way things are in this day and age, complete with some Stone Roses style backwards guitar licks. Marr gives his vocals a good workout as well. The fourth number is “Don’t Thank God”, an acoustic rock number with the  I won’t fight it… part making you join in from the moment Marr begins to sing it. The halfway point comes in the shape of “Everything We Miss.” This is the standout song on the album. It’s a beautiful number with Marr’s vocals floating across the acoustic guitar and slow drums. Next up is ‘All Mine”, a song that has signs of early Verve about it but has that Marr family signature guitar rift layered throughout the song. “Happiness (We’re All Invited)” is another standout track with its late night guitar groove. It’s a song that would go down well at midnight with a cup of coffee. “Raining In My Head” is the eighth track. I have tried my best not to say this but this one has the sound of The Smiths if they had been still going in this era, with Nile Marr really taking the vocal job very well. The penultimate song is “Slowdance” and it is pure magic. This album truly does have the feel of the night about it and this song is no exception. It blends the rawness of the previous numbers with absolute subtlety. TV Broke My Brain comes to a close with “Everything and All of This.” This one just makes you want to grab the person next to you and dance with them.

TV Broke My Brain is an exceptional album and it’s something you really can listen to over and over.  Nile Marr possesses something extraordinary and wonderful at the same time. This is a perfect album in every way.

Man Made is currently wrapping up a few shows in Manchester, UK.  Stay tuned to their social networks for news and updates.

Click here to listen to Man Made’s TV Broke My Brain via Soundcloud.

Man Made on the web: Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Reverbnation  |  Tumblr  |   YouTube  |  Soundcloud

Mark Sharpley

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