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Billie Ray Martin is no stranger to the electronic scene. This soulful singer/songwriter is probably most recognized for her 1995 club anthem “Your Loving Arms” which earned a space on both the UK and US club charts.  The song is now considered one of the all-time classics of dance music. Since then, Billie has enjoyed a series of releases and collaborations which have earned her the respect of great DJs and artists worldwide….so what is she up to now?

She has just finished recording and mixing a new album (working title The Soul Tapes) and has added a new/re-released rare single “Pacemaker” to her Bandcamp store, a slab of 90s drum and bass along with several remixes. (preview below)

If that’s not enough she is also sharing two exclusive vocal acapellas (as well as backing vocals) over the next two weeks with subscribers to her Bandcamp page.  The first of these, “Black Breakers” has been released today and next week, “Are you Loathsome Tonight”, (from her electronic project The Opiates) will also be available.

As a subscriber, these vocal stems are downloadable and available for use in remixes or new songs.  Subscribers also get the new single, demo exclusives, unreleased songs and back catalogue items.  The best part of all this? Completed songs can be sent to Billie for consideration for release. Indie artists, this is your chance to work with an amazing artist. Do you have what it takes?  Extra information can be found on the link below:

Subscribe to get exclusive Billie Ray Martin stems here (Bandcamp)

Billie Ray Martin on the web:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud 

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