Redfoo teaches us how to “Juicy Wiggle”

unnamedSon of Motown’s Berry Gordy, one half of the duo LMFAO, and notorious dance hit maker Redfoo is at it again. With his catchy hooks and beats that will make your rump shake, the master of the dance world now wants to show us how to “Juicy Wiggle.”

The new dance craze will have you moving your hips and dancing like fish. The dance comes fully equipped with a catchy track as well. With some EDM, pop and Little Richard rock piano influences, the track will have the world shaking what their mommas gave them. It’s not a shock that one half of LMFAO knows how to bring us to the dance floor. And just a couple of years ago, everyone was just shufflin’…

So, learning on the dance floor isn’t your thing? For an educational experience, Redfoo has dropped an instructional lyric video to demonstrate how one can “Juicy Wiggle.” This very 50s inspired, blue and black diamond, vinyl spinning, neon glowing video will give you just enough visuals to learn the dance before you go out and drop your “Juicy Wiggle” on the world. No one likes to look like a fool on the dance floor.

With every Redfoo track, it’s all about fun so don’t be afraid to go out there. Show the world how to Juicy Wiggle.

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