Raff and Björn Nyberg Release “Drowning”

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On the verge of what’s bound to be an explosive year for electro-soul maestro Raff, he has just released his latest collaboration with the Swedish mix master Björn Nyberg. This one is entitled “Drowning” for the extremely fabulous price of FREE!

Neither of these gents are strangers to the Fourculture radar. This latest collaboration between the two brings a very ambient edge from Björn Nyberg’s mixing table to the soulful vocals produced by Raff. Whenever these two get together, you’re bound to get a magical sound.

“Drowning” is one track that many of us can relate to. Whenever you see someone with just beautiful brown eyes that you just can’t look away, you begin to drown in the depths of their gaze.  Then, you just no matter how bad everyone wants you to look away from that distracting gorgeous soul, you just want to be left in the moment.

With the song exceeding the eight minute mark, there’s a perfect balance with “Drowning” between a track that you can just chill out to and be sucked into the hypnotic ambient/trance backing and being thrown onto the dance floor with the latter half of the song picking up a slower dance club pace with sounds reminiscent of a boss battle in a 16 bit video game from the early 90s.

Will these two make an album together of their truly one of a kind sound? Only time will tell…For now, we’ll just be “Drowning” in their musical magic.

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 Raff on the Web:
www.raffmusic.co.uk  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud  |  Instagram

Bjorn Nyberg on the Web:
Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud

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