“Queen Of Chinatown”: a Musical Tale from The Controversy

Hey, Bono. This is how you release free music! Yeah, I said it. Free music with a simple trade of your email will get you the new single from The Controversy on their official website.

“Queen of Chinatown” is the latest single from The Controversy who we had a chance to chat with in issue #7.  Fast forward a year and a half and they’re back with their own style of melancholy electro-pop that is sure to tickle your eardrums. “Queen of Chinatown” has some slow methodical synth that leaves the lyrics to do the story telling of what appears to be a boy out of place in the daylight hours but at night is the true star of the dark.

If you’re new to The Controversy, where have you been? Laura Vall’s vocals have the power to pierce your soul as you can really feel the darkness of what the “Queen of Chinatown” feels once the sun rises. It is a true talent that can convey raw emotion through vocals. Music in ancient times was used as a form of storytelling. There is no secret that these narrators do it well. As with many of the artists we feature, if you like what they offer for free, we highly encourage you to purchase their music!


The Controversy on the web:
http://www.thecontroversyband.com/  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud  |  YouTube

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