Premiere: “Small Feelings” From CIGÙRI


Fourculture is excited to premiere “Small Feelings,” the first release off the upcoming live video EP Time Lapsed Death, from Berlin-based artist CIGÙRI. A multi-talented artist, also known as Alice Paradisi, CIGÙRI is known for her blending of visual art (including original costume designs) and electronic music to create intimate and powerful live performances. On Time Lapsed Death CIGÙRI was supported by Kerta Von Kubin, a Berlin artist who uses industrial materials to make her own instruments, and drew inspiration from Shamanist ritual to create a mystical world where everything is accompanied by a dark electronic soundtrack.

Time Lapsed Death is a six-track EP that includes two videos recorded by the up-and-coming French director Robin Plessy (Boys Noize, aMinus, Kool Thing, Ninja Tune) during a secret live performance on the underground stage of Berlin’s Urban Spree. “Small Feelings” is a track with an experimental, electronic sound, that is held together by a driving beat and strong bass line. It opens with pounding tribal drums and scratchy distortion from Kerta’s electric guitar. Wearing the costumes created by CIGÙRI on a smoke-filled stage, both performers embody the aggressive, discordant energy and sound of this track. The on-stage chemistry between CIGÙRI and Kerta successfully merges electronic, natural, and industrial sounds to create intimate, soulful music.

Time Lapsed Death is set for release on February 20, 2015, and the release party for February 19th at the Bierhimmel Kreuzberg in Berlin. Follow CIGÙRI at the social network links below to keep up to date with her schedule.

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