Powerful & Chilling, The Mouth of Ghosts Release a New EP

2 Shooters Sep 2012 Group 1If you haven’t dug into the latest issue’s feature on the London-based The Mouth Of Ghosts, you should stop what you’re doing and read it now (don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere)…

Okay, so you’re up to date on The Mouth of Ghosts? Great! Because they’re at it again with their June 10th EP You Will Go Again From Me. We here at Fourculture were lucky enough to get a little preview before it drops to the general public; we must say you’re in for a real treat.

When I had the chance to open up the EP for play, I was instantly greeted with chills when Alla Seydalieva’s delicate, yet powerful vocals pierced my ear drums; chills that were so strong that my limbs instantly went numb. Coming from my own personal experience, it takes a very special sound to cause a vibration so deep.

428546_618352694844210_1418309295_nThe EP starts off with the track “Wrong,” which is without a doubt the right choice. When the song starts, you’re instantly thrown into a vortex of twilight-zone style piano melodies that highlight the haunting vocals of Alla, to the point where you feel you’ve been thrown into a visual that is dark with bright meaning. The lyrics tell a tale of self-doubt. The constant chorus of “Open your eyes, you’re wrong” takes you in a positive direction, but the haunting overtones continue with the doubter not understanding that they themselves are wrong, and that the doubter is indeed something special. When you hit the end of the song the beat picks up to a heart-pounding pace and a guitar rhythm that really drives your aural sense to want more of Mouth of Ghosts. You’re not wrong for wanting that. Thank goodness there are three more songs on the EP.

Another song worth pointing out is “Right On Time.” It opens up with a 30-second intro of vocals and piano; then when you least expect it the bass, guitar, and drums kick in. The transition is so blunt that it stunned me as a listener, but it seems to work perfectly. I would almost say it would make an amazing theme to a spy movie on just the melody and beat alone. Note: for the typical songwriter a bridge may be the most difficult part of a song to compose. This bridge has me lost for words, a very classic rock edge that grabs you right on time. It brought me back in my mind to when I was young, riding with my dad in his old banged-up Ford Courier he’d had since his teens. Quite nostalgic.

You Will Go Again From Me is without a doubt the most powerful EP that I’ve had the chance to review in 2013 alone. Listen up, artists; you have a lot to live up to. This is an emotionally driven and very powerful EP that the fans will enjoy for years to come. Be sure to pick it up June 10th!

This is only the beginning of great things to come from The Mouth of Ghosts, so check them out at the following links:


You Will Go Again From Me will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp. 

— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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