Pop Art Isn’t Dead: New Video From The PepTides

The PepTides – LOVE ME FOREVER from The PepTides on Vimeo.

Recently I have been coming across a lot of stunning bands out of Canada. The merging of art and music coming out of the great white north is a trend many artists worldwide should take a look at. One band that really puts the art back in the musical medium is a unique 9 piece art pop collective called The PepTides out of Ottawa.

With 5 rotating singers, this ensemble has no official front man. Recently, the band debuted a video for their latest single “Love Me Forever” at the Ottawa International Film Festival. Let me be one of the first to say this video proves that Warhol isn’t dead.

Staring the lovely Dee Dee Butters, this video has a look straight out of the Silver Factory. With the use of an oven, a mass amount of hair dye and high contrast filters through the oven’s window which almost emulates a dot matrix pattern you have a video that screams pop art. I admit I’ve seen a lot of videos in my time; none of them were shot as well as this. Did I mention I’m not even using an HD monitor? The video for “Love Me Forever” allows the song to shine. Dee Dee’s flawless vocals are met with a simple low tempo electro beat; the video becomes a complement to the song. Not the other way around.

I don’t know about you guys, but after watching this I feel like baking a batch of cookies.

Overall, the PepTides are for someone who is looking for an off the beaten path kind of band, Something unusual that fits just as well in an art gallery as in your ears. So wake up your senses! Pop art isn’t dead! Check out The PepTides’ “Love Me Forever” today!

The PepTides on the web:

www.thepeptides.com | Facebook | Twitter| Soundcloud | Vimeo | iTunes

Photo by : Bonnie Findley


The PepTides – LOVE ME FOREVER from The PepTides on Vimeo.

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