Pompeya’s “Real” Preorder

Hey kids, I have some exciting news for you! Russia’s awesome pop/punk outfit Pompeya have kicked off the official preorder for their brand spanking new album Real which is available exclusively on iTunes. This album of goodness won’t be dropping until February 17, 2015 BUT Pompeya is giving you a present for ordering early!  Preorder Real and receive four sparkling new songs: “Pasadena”, “Hysteria”, “Liar”, and “OOOOO (Cry About It)”.  That is a sweet deal.  Trot on over to iTunes and preorder Real today. Presents are always a good thing.


Pompeya on the web:
http://www.pompeyamoscow.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Instagram

This is Pompeya’s current EP, Night

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