Pompeya at SXSW

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Pompeya is a Moscow-based band with a funky synth-pop sound.  Guitarist and vocalist Daniil Brod, bassist Denis Agafonov, keyboardist Sasha Lipskiy, and drummer Nairi Simonian had only just arrived in Austin when we talked about preparing for their SXSW debut, their upcoming US tour, and the bands they are excited to see perform while at SXSW.

When they arrived at the No Shame Records SXSW Showcase, the members of Pompeya were clearly excited to be in Austin and to have the chance to play with so many other talented bands.   When asked what bands they are most excited to see play, the group listed Soundgarden, Foster The People, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar and Kiev, a new band out of California.

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Daniil explained that even though the band has never played SXSW before, they do play many festivals around Europe and approached preparing for SXSW in much the same way that they prepare for those. When choosing the songs to play at their three SXSW shows, Pompeya had to take into account their upcoming EP Night, expected to drop in April, as well as the just released single “Satellite.”  Therefore the band thought it made the most sense to play a mix of old and new songs for their three SXSW shows. After watching their first SXSW show I can say that this was clearly a good choice.

Opening the set with their new single, “Satellite,” Pompeya immediately caught the crowd’s attention.  They then kept it as they played “Night,” a new song that has such a great beat it immediately had the crowd dancing, or at least tapping their feet.  When the band played fan favorites, “Slaver” and “Nobody’s Truth,” groups of dancing folks were visible throughout the crowd, with a dance floor spontaneously forming up front, to the right of the stage. With each song the band tightened its hold on the audience, and by the time the band closed the set with their hit “Tropical,” I could see even some of the younger guys in the audience were dancing to the band’s irresistible mix of funky new wave beats and synth-pop melodies, all smoothed over with Daniil’s sleek vocals.

Pompeya has a large fan base in Russia and around Europe and is working hard to reach new fans here in the States.  After their SXSW shows Pompeya plans include:  the start of their North American “Night EP” tour; the official release of the Night EP in April; the release of a music video, shot in LA, for one of the songs off the new EP; and the band plans to release a full LP later this year.

With danceable beats and an effortless groove, Pompeya creates chill music you can relax to alone or with friends.  But when you hear Pompeya’s music playing, we think you should dance with a big group of friends, on a dance floor of your own making.


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Pompeya on the web:
http://www.pompeyamoscow.com  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Instagram

— Marguerite M. O’Connell 

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