Pistols at Dawn – Seinabo Sey

Seinabo Sey has one of those voices that would suit a Bond theme or gospel music.  Listen to the opening bars of previous single “Hard time” and you can imagine it being sampled by Moby at the turn of the century.

Except this is ten years on and the Swedish artist (pronounced Say-na-bo Sea) has set her voice to a contemporary electronic sound, all big drums and smoky drama.  “Pistols at dawn” is arguably the most accessible of the singles released to date from the forthcoming For Madeline EP.  Carrying on with the piano chords and big drums of “Hard time” this is a slower, more soulful number, with gunshots and skittish hi-hats adding an unsettling edge to what is a Torch Song for the 21st century.

With big production often comes an artifice but it is immediately clear that there is true soul here and a story to tell.  Growing up between Sweden and Gambia there is a blend of cultures in the background of Seinabo Sey which provide individuality and intrigue.  This is only the beginning…

For Madeline EP is available on October 13 on Virgin records.

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