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Photostat Machine‘s Deadly is the modern day connection to the 80s sound that those 25 and under can really get a history lesson from.  Although I was not around back then, in my twenty something years on earth I’ve come to find what made the electro-pop so great. It was the synths! The electro-pop lovers of the world have absolutely something to love in all of Deadly’s tracks.

The album opens up to a track entitled “Not Even,” entering in with a haunting low key electronic pulse. The best way to explain the song or even Photostat Machine as a whole is that you’re looking at the lovechild of Depeche Mode’s lyrics and Pet Shop Boys’ melodies. “Not Even” really shows that through all the horrors that could happen in life, if you do it with someone you care or love about, then you’ll be fine in the end.  When it comes to most Photostat Machine songs, you can expect an open direct meaning that isn’t hidden behind smoke and mirrors. You’re never going to get your stereotypical electro-pop out of Photostat Machine either. They’re not just a band. They are storytellers.

Take, for instance, the song “The Relevance” which really explains (in my opinion) what power musicians have own in their music. You may not be the biggest star in the industry, but that doesn’t matter. “Sometimes the wisest words are seldom heard…you have to filter out the noise.” To really give these artists, like the ones shown in Fourculture, a chance you need to filter out that noise of the top 40 overplayed music to really hear music that might have a deeper meaning than just your typical uh-tss of the clubs.  Then, when you hear the question over and over, “Do you have the Relevance?” it’s like they’re asking the artist if they feel they can make it. Can they themselves be relevant?photostat machine

Of course, these are only interpretations from a personal point of view. As many stories in life are up for interpretation, it is always up to the listener to interpret their own feelings about the song. With the story writing ability that the guys of Photostat Machine have, one may say that they are the perfect duo to come up with a concept album (hint hint). With every lyric and every synthesized melody of the album, Deadly, it’s like taking a step back in time.  It’s the perfect album for those who just like a good throwback or the synthesizer nuts who read Fourculture magazine (you know who you are). Stay tuned for much more from Photostat Machine including an interview with the band!  Please support the album and claim your own “Relevance.” Get Deadly, out May 27th.

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Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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