Parralox: Owning it

What happens when you mix an awesome 80’s song, a digital remix, an international supermodel and an Australian band?  What sounds like the potential beginnings of a joke are anything but.  With the release of the single Eye in the Sky by Parralox, we see just how creatively, and ultimately perfectly, these puzzle pieces can fit together.

Utilizing smooth vocals, electronica sound, and new ideas the infamous collaborators have created a song sure to lull any listener into a trance and a dance.  The beat lures you to get up and move while the haunting lyrics resonate in a way that only Parralox could give.  Refreshing the song, originally recorded in 1982 by The Alan Parsons Project, Parralox shows that when they take what they want, they own it.  Creating a unique vibe of musical and ethereal blends, the song simply belongs with them.

In the music video, we see Japanese supermodel Rowena Kang face to face with John Von Ahlen, producer turned lead singer, in a mirror box.  Reflecting pieces of each other, and blending together, in a fashion true to rouse any androgynous perception, the two play beautifully off of each other, each claiming their own well deserved spotlight.  Electronic sound and reconstruction never looked so good.

See what else Parralox has coming at:

— Aaron Wallace | @Aaronforever87

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