Parade of Lights Shines on Us With “We’re The Kids”

From the City of Angels, alt-pop group Parade of Lights touches down with a new video for their latest single “We’re The Kids”.  Released but a few weeks ago, the video has already gotten a significant amount of views on YouTube and gains more every day.

The group, consisting of Ryan Daly (guitar and lead vocals), Anthony Improngo (drums), Randy Schulte (bass and backing vocals) and Michelle Ashley (keys and backing vocals), gives a fist-pumping anthem dedicated to reveling in the rebellion of youth, as indicated by the mixture of pure rock melodies and percussion and the electro-pop feel of the keyboard.

The video itself illustrates the very nature of said rebellion as it follows a group of youths breaking into a mansion who seek to rearrange the stuffy, built-for-upper-class-snobbery furniture.  As the video cuts back and forth between the band playing the song and the teenagers’ creative vandalism, it makes you wonder (within the context of the video of course) which event inspired the other; the band playing a spirited power ballad dedicated to the fleetingness of youth or the young group of rebels that chose the perfect day to sneak into a mansion and play demolition squad?  Either way, at the end of the video, we all feel like that same group of kids after they’ve left the mansion topsy-turvy, like we’ve lived free and in the moment, finally breaking away from the monotonous “norm”.

Get “We’re The Kids” now is available on iTunes.  Look for Parade of Lights in Fourculture’s Issue 11!

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— Simone Brown

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