Our Four: Four Releases to Check Out

The past couple of weeks have seen some incredible albums being released.  Fourculture encourages you to check out these artists and as always support the talent and work that they put forth.  Here are four of our favorites, each with its own appeal. 

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The Green Children

July 23rd was the release of the new album, Connection, by The Green Children.  Milla and Marlow have once again brought us their magical pop sounds, delivering music that both soothes and soars.  There is something about The Green Children that can transport a listener to a place beyond; beyond the boring electro-pop sound, beyond the same old lyrics, beyond imagination. This album has stepped away a bit from the dragons and magic theme of their first, Encounter, but has lost none of its spell.  This album is about exactly what its title suggests; connections.  The title track cements this theme that plays throughout the album.  The first single off of the album, “Kisses from the Sky”, was a brilliant choice, showing exactly what The Green Children and Connection is all about.  Other stand out songs on the album can be found in the creative melody of “Sailor”, the perfectly enthralling first track “Feel the Light”, and the empowering lyrics of “I Can Do Anything.”

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Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/connection/id665429824

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Eliza Jaye

eliza jayeJuly 26th marked the release of The Seed from Eliza Jaye.  Readers of Fourculture had the pleasure of meeting Eliza Jaye in our last issue and we’ve been anxiously waiting to share this album with you.  The music of Eliza Jaye brings in rock, blues, folk, and even a bit of her homeland of Australia.  Eliza Jaye is nothing short of spectacular as she wows crowds around Brighton and hones her skills on the live stage with her guitar and stompbox. Her songs are clever and creative, bringing in a bit of her violin background and a lot of her rock influences from the past.  Just check out the first track on the album, “Bella,” and you’ll see what I mean.  “Needs Must” and “Black Heart Rum” rock it out while “October” and “Crimson Lipstick” show us a little bit of a softer side, but still with that Eliza Jaye swagger. “Temptation” is another favorite that I think really showcases all that Eliza can do. Don’t miss out on this amazing artist and her debut album, The Seed.

Get it here:  

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Brendan James

brendan jamesNext up was Tuesday’s release of Simplify by Brendan James. If you enjoy the singer/songwriter genre, you can’t do better than this. Brendan’s clarity and confidence on this album shines through in every song.  Heartfelt lyrics that speak to us on a human level we all share are what this album does in a way that is profound yet accessible.  Brendan went back to basics for the album which is shown in the title track, “Simplify”.  The singer puts out the call to “Stop for a minute, wipe the progress from our eyes and stare at the setting sun that holds us here alive,” something we all can take a lesson from.  We get to hear the heartbreak of divorce on the song “He Loved” and Brendan’s take on the gun issue on the track “The New Plan.”  This is music from the very soul of Brendan James and shows us exactly what a talented and intelligent artist he is.  My personal favorites on the album are the breezy feel of “Windblown” and the deep soul-searching lyrics of “Constellation.”  Be sure to check out the interview with Brendan in the upcoming issue of Fourculture to get his take on Simplify and more!

Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/simplify/id672355183

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Anna Rose

Also released on Tuesday was the much anticipated album from Anna Rose, Behold a Pale Horse.  We interviewed Anna Rose a while back and have been waiting impatiently since for the release of this album.  It was well worth the wait!  Behold a Pale Horse has everything you could want from a great album.  Anna’s voice sings the emotion of each song and rocks it to the core.  She is rock, blues, old-school, new school, quiet songstress and powerhouse all wrapped up in one talented package.  Check out the title track and you will see Anna go from sultry siren to vengeful vixen all with one twist of her emotive voice.  This is an album that must be enjoyed in its entirety as each song brings out a different side to the talent of Anna Rose.  “Beautiful World” shows almost a country pop sound, “When the Wind” is the gorgeous ballad, while “Electric Child” will blow your mind with a guitar riff and horn section that will stay with you long beyond the first listen.  Behold Anna Rose and get Behold a Pale Horse!

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Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/behold-a-pale-horse/id677927173

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So there you have it; Fourculture’s picks for four albums you simply must add to your library.
Purchase, support, and spread the word on these worthy artists.

— Paula Frank | @jelenfan

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