One to watch for 2016 – God Colony


God ColonyLurking like freshwater predators beneath the surface of the bellowing masses are two-piece production force calling themselves God Colony. With only two releases to their name so far they have only given us a taste of what is to come.

With ‘Where I Was’ featuring Stash Marina and the cavernous and industrial swept ‘Steady’ featuring the vocals of Flohio they have shown themselves to be operating on a different level to the trap, dub and fog of spoken word surrounding them.

Friends Tom and James, who have been making music together since their teenage years, have an intuitive ear for production and vast but paired-back sonic trips. I expect 2016 to be the year they surface above the ‘noise’ and show us what else they have to offer.

If the whispers are true they are currently working on their debut record with a selection of MC’s from around the world, slated for release in 2016. Watch to the portentous skies for signs of their imminent arrival, it’s going be huge.

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