Not Just Alternative: Syndrome

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Electro-rock has been elevated in the last few years, Nine Inch Nails and Muse are pretty much testament to that. But everybody has their own ideas and Anglo-Israeli outfit Syndrome are no different. And they are here with their 7 track E.P., the colourfully named Colourful Cows.

First track on the E.P. is “Exhibition Trial”, a look at justice with synthesizers with a voice at the end sounding very nearly like the one from One Of These Days by Pink Floyd. Track two is “Change”, which if listened to carefully is about what being told what to do can result in and this gets its point across loud. Third song in is “Open the Gate”, a tale of a world gone mad told in a slow, sinister style that does match the mood of the point of the song.  “L.Q.C” follows in fourth and gives the E.P. a taste of what The Wall would have sounded like if it was done in these modern times. Fifth song is “Exhibition Trial II”, a three minute instrumental which continues in the industrial sound Colourful Cows creates. Penultimate track is “Get My Words”, a song that could of come straight out of Trent Reznor’s reportoire with its heavy deep guitars and dark synths. It is almost what you would call an epic finale.  The E.P. comes to an end with the title track, “Colourful Cows”.  It’s a song that lets you listen and can make you imagine what is going on in just under 90 seconds. This is a great E.P. that is painted in Nine Inch Nails and Rammstein. If you are a fan of those two, then Syndrome will be right up your street. They aren’t just an alternative, they belong with the heavyweights of industrial electro-rock.

Colourful Cows  is available now via Bandcamp.

Syndrome on the web:  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  MySpace

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