New York City’s HOWL! Festival 2013

20130601_New York_339020130601_New York_340520130601_New York_3410Tompkins Square Park holds many memories for me, most of which involve police clashes with the homeless and local residents over park closures in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But this weekend the park is all about Howl! Festival. This festival brings artists of all types and experiences together in celebration of creativity, culture and the advancement of the arts.

The performances are inventive and exciting, the poetry spontaneous and heart felt . . . but my favorite aspect of Howl! is experiencing and being a part of the creative process of 140 artists as they turn an 8 ft high, 900 ft long canvas wrapped around two sides of the park into works of art.

Watching the struggle, or lack thereof, and the process of each artist and their approach to the canvas. Each artist is on display exposing their unique method as they commune with the space they have been given, or dive right in blasting the canvas with their hearts and souls. All the while they interact with onlookers and each other, sharing stories and techniques, and through their art, themselves.

Three days of inspiration that started this past Friday and ends today.  Check out the HOWL! Festival website for a recap of this year’s gathering and festivals from previous years.

— Andrew Ashley | @__AAshley

20130601_New York_338520130601_New York_3406

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