New video: Meadowlark deliver Postcards

Imagine if you had the chance to write a postcard to someone from your past.  The rich cast of characters that have influenced our lives and brought us to where we are now would probably make it difficult to single one person out.  Perhaps you’d choose a family member no longer with us? Perhaps you’d choose someone who hurt you or let you down?  Perhaps you’d choose someone who for a brief moment provided you with something magical and left a lasting impression?

Bristol-based duo Meadowlark gave their fans the chance to do exactly that and this video produced by guitarist Dan Broadley shows an emotional journey with fan-written postcards at the focus.  “I’m really proud of this piece,” he says.  “We ended up receiving over 100 postcards. and each one was so beautifully written and so heartbreakingly honest”.    In an age of crowdfunding, allowing fans to influence band releases is nothing new but in this video we see a major impact coming from their fans whose personal words complement the honest and raw mood of the song.

It’s important to remember it’s not all about the video but the overall fit with the band’s sound here is perfect.  Delicate guitars sigh under a wistful evocative vocal from Kate McGill.  It creates a gentle, nostalgic soundtrack with a late 20th century indie feel reminiscent slightly of Camera Obscura.

“Postcards” is the title track from their forthcoming debut LP out at the end of this month.  It will mix songs from their debut EP as well as new songs.  You can also catch them at several UK festivals this summer…

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