New Video: “Glitches” by Flint Eastwood

Fresh from the Assemble Sound collective (in the second oldest church in Detroit), Flint Eastwood has just released a video for “Glitches”, a song that was getting high profile attention at the tail end of 2015.  If you missed it then, you now have a chance to catch up.

Featuring several scenes in a boxing gym it would be too obvious to say this is a pop song that delivers an uppercut to the senses, or that it possesses a killer-blow chorus, but obvious is sometimes ok.  There’s a Scandinavian electro pop element to the song in its harmonies and synths and it has a quirkier edge than some of the other songs on her Small Victories release which display a bit more attitude.

Just before you throw in the towel (groan) and assume you know where the song is going then there is a cool twist around the 3-minute mark when a ‘choir’ launches the beats into new territories.

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