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What happens when you take a Nikon 1 V3 and shoot thousands of still photos? You string them together and make a freakin’ awesome music video of course! Chicago’s Tall Walker has done just that. “Dance All Night” is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

They  take what  is basically common summer imagery such as roof top performances, speed boat rides, and club style lighting and ups the ante by using what I would  describe as modern day stop motion. Using the thousands of images in  this style gives the effect of slow motion. It’s almost is difficult to believe that this was made up of 20,000+ still images, each taken at 60 frames per second! The lighting of the club like scene really shows off the technique of just using stills beautifully.   It takes the spectator into a view of looking at the video artistically rather than just a standard music promotional tool.

“Dance All Night” off Tall Walkers upcoming EP, is a song that I would  describe as a feel good hit of the summer. It’s that time  in August  when everyone is starting to get bummed that summer is winding down and we’ll all have to head back into the real world. The song with its little electronic pop rock edge in the vein of Royal Teeth meets Silversun Pickups gives a gentle reminder with its release that it’s okay to “let go, make some mistakes” and dance all night. It shows lyrically and visually that summer (or life for that matter) is short, don’t forget to have a little fun.

Tall Walker has a hit is on their hands.  I’m obsessed.

For further details on the making of this video, please visit the Nikon Cimena Blog.

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