New Video from Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is back with a video for “Voices in My Head” off of 2013’s very beautiful and refined Affair of the Heart.  This is dynamic black and white imagery at its best with Sebastian Lee Philip ready for battle in fencing gear as he faces off with a veiled Valerie Renay draped in diamonds and a flowing black gown.  We observe the two in a dramatic yet beautiful confrontation, striking and dodging one another’s moves as the song swells and pulses.  Occasionally their heavily lined eyes meet and we begin to understand the story being told.  It’s the passion and desire we’ve come to associate and welcome with Noblesse Oblige.

Some amazing individuals assisted in creating this video.  “Voices in My Head” was shot and directed by Chris Corner with styling by Janine GezangValquire Veljkovic contributed on lighting.  Noblesse Oblige’s Sebastian Lee Philip was behind the editing. Musician James Cook contributed as well.

Noblesse Oblige graced the cover of Issue 8. You can check out our interview with Valerie and Sebastian here.

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