New Video from London’s Crash Island

Fourculture is so proud to debut the new video from Crash Island – “Howl (Come On)”. Coming from the percolation pot of London, they are a super cool indie-rock band who are making their way into the hearts and ears of all who listen.

The band is multinational with the guys coming from France, South Africa and Spain they take the different cultural backgrounds and mind meld them into yummy goodness. In fact in the video you can see a banner that reads, French Sounds Live in London. The video itself is fun with live performances of the band cut with classic horror films. The clips of Frankenstein are the best metaphor for the band taking different parts and making them one.

Crash Island will be releasing their second EP, Stormy Nights, on October 22 so make sure you mark your calendars. To tide you over until then check out the new video “Howl (Come On)”.  Another tasty nugget from us to you.

Crash Island on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  | iTunes 

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