New Video from Derek Bishop

Have you ever been pulled in all directions?  Derek Bishop certainly has.  This singer/songwriter has just released a video for “Taffy”, a peppy feel-good number (despite the stress of being pulled apart) from his latest release Bicycling In Quicksand.

Inspired by 60s vintage album art, Derek filmed and directed the video himself using an iPhone, a GoPro and a lot of patience.

“I wanted the video to look like a catalog of retro albums and posters flowing together, with each scene serving as its own little graphic moment.” he says.  “I didn’t have an assistant, so I was running back and forth behind and in front of the camera. It was comically hectic to say the least. I filmed a lot of very blurry scenes not being able to see what was going on.”

“Taffy” is definitely a great representation of Derek’s design background.  And I think he has a great collection of trousers.

Check out his creation below.

Be sure to catch Derek Bishop live at The Bowery Electric in NYC on April 12.

Derek Bishop on the web:
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