New Trippy Video From Outputmessage

When you first dive into the video for “Pillars” by Outputmessage, directed by Nigel Lyons, you start to lose control of your senses. The best word to describe the visuals put on for the very electro-ambient track is trippy. With constant blurring and focusing on objects throughout nature, it comes off as a singular visual masterpiece that could double as an art installation. The last time I felt like this was seeing a Steven Klein art installation featuring Madonna.  A feeling that can only be described as completely mesmerizing.

It was also awesome to see Bernard Farley, Outputmessage, in the video, allowing himself to become one with the visuals. The completely minimalistic take on a music video without resorting to stock imagery or a completely live footage is something that is rarely done right. Keeping it simple took the song up to a higher plain that extends beyond the music art form. You could say that “Pillars” shows how the world and music become one.

Along with the release of this video, Outputmessage will be releasing the remix album to The Infinite Void entitled A Billion Different Spaces on October 14. Check it out then!

Outputmessage on the web:  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud  |  YouTube  |  Bandcamp

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