New Single from Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

imageDaniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes, a four-piece indie rock band out of Nashville and a Fourculture favorite, have a new song and music video out you need to hear. An upbeat, hook-filled track with an irrepressible beat, “Always/Never” is the first single off Bemidji, their new EP, set to drop March 11, 2016. Just like their sophomore album Kid Tiger, all the songs on Bemidji were tracked live and mixed at Sputnik Sound with Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, The White Stripes, Raconteurs). The band sees the EP as a bridge of sorts between Kid Tiger and their next full-length album, which they head into the studio later this month to begin work on.

The band is known for the type of synth-heavy, high-energy guitar rock that gets your fingers tapping and feet moving. And “Always/Never” does not disappoint. After a simple start – a sliding guitar over a staccato beat – “Always/Never” builds into a piano-driven track bursting with Ellsworth’s distinctive vocals and pounding keyboards. This is the kind of track that makes you smile, as you dance and sing along. According to Ellsworth, “It’s a high-energy, feel-good track about a persistent young gentleman determined to chase down unrequited love. It’s for every person who is certain they have found the love of their life, but the other person doesn’t quite feel the same.”

And the music video echoes the feel-good, upbeat mood of the track. Filmed in a single shot on an iPhone 6, the video features five individuals wearing animal masks and dancing to the song. “For a while now, I’ve been wanting the band to do a video that involved animal masks. This just seemed like the perfect opportunity,” explained Ellsworth. “We were working with virtually no budget, so we opted for a single shot video of five guys dancing in animal masks. After several glasses of bourbon, and about an hour of rehearsal, what you see in the video is what we came up with.”

Following the release of Bemidji in March, the band has plans to hit the road on tour. Be sure to follow the band at the social media links below for all the latest.

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