New must-watch video from Hazel English

If you’ve not yet had enough sunshine in August then this new video will meet your cravings with a woozy cool wistfulness and a dreamy sun-kissed vibe.

“Never Going Home” is Hazel English’s goose-bumping first release from the forthcoming eponymous EP (out 7 October) and the 25 year old from Oakland is certainly someone to watch out for on this evidence.  The song has a jangly indie guitar underbelly but with overriding pop sensibilities.  It’s like a cross between The Sundays and Blonde Redhead but with more of a hazy charm.

Her double-tracked vocal ties it all together with a reverb-heavy sound that compliments that feeling of nostalgia and adventure also highlighted in the Sam Hayes-directed video.  It showcases Hazel’s love of thrift-store costumes which you’ll know are integral to her world if you follow her on social media.  The visuals and the lyrics go hand in hand, a liberating journey which reflects those themes of innocence, discovery and freedom in an appropriate retro filter.

“Never going home” is measured yet effortless and you can pre-order the EP here

Hazel English on the web:

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