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I’ve had this unhealthy obsession with Penguin Prison since the Animal Animal/A Funny Thing EP dropped in 2009. Now, this isn’t about me. It’s about me, loving to gush about an underrated dance pop powerhouse.

In 2011, Penguin Prison’s self-titled debut dropped to rave reviews. The single “Don’t Fuck with My Money” came out on top with much airplay on VH1 and MTV and its perfect timing next to the Occupy Wall Street protests. This summer Chris Glover, better known as Penguin Prison, brought out a fun little experiment where he would release his take on a couple of classics by Sade and Lionel Ritchie. Little did we know he had something else up his sleeve.

On October 14, Penguin Prison with Oliver, released his latest track entitled “Calling Out.” The song has a classic Penguin Prison feel good sound featuring heavy piano, 80’s handclaps and a gritty guitar solo. As a long time Penguin Prison fan, it’s virtually impossible to feel bad listening to any of his tracks and “Calling Out” is no exception.

The only downside is that the track really feels like summer to me…but hey, I enjoyed summer so let’s extend the love with Penguin Prison’s “Calling Out” for just a little longer.

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