New EP From Acid Tongue: I Died Dreaming

imageFrom the new-on-the-scene Seattle-based group Acid Tongue comes a debut EP that delivers tons of fun and retro-feels. The four tracks on I Died Dreaming are more like an appetizer of fabulous flavors, really; they wet your appetite and leave you wanting more.

From the first notes of lead off track “Lately,” the EP delivers soul-influenced, retro-sounding, lo-fi feeling, garage rock that’s been liberally laced through with noisy guitars and a psychedelic flair. The band’s four members, who also play in Seattle bands Fox and The Law, The Mama Rags, and Dark Hip Falls, truly have a great vibe. With swagger-filled vocals on top of fuzzy guitars and a soulful swing, the band has a fun and unique sound it’s hard not to like. In fact I’m hard pressed to choose a personal favorite as I find each track has qualities I love and all leave me tapping my feet and singing along. If I had to choose, it would be title track “I Died Dreaming” for its mix of driving beat, fuzzy guitars, and smile inducing swing.

With the weekend closing in, I definitely recommend you give I Died Dreaming a listen. Whether you plan to chill at home alone or party with all your friends, these four songs will have you swinging to the beat and reaching for repeat.

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