New Album: Danimal Cannon, Lunaria

Danimal Cannon is here everyone!

Just on the off chance you’ve been looking for rock and roll music with an 8-bit twist, you’re now in luck because this artist has done it.

If you take a look at his new album Lunaria (out today), you’ll see an array of amazingly composed songs including my favorite out of the bunch, “Bohemoth”. When I listen to this song it brings back memories of playing old-school Mario. I’ve always enjoyed the 8-bit music in those games and I think that plays a big part in why I like it so much.

So any old school gamers out there, this is for you. Danimal Cannon uses Gameboys as sound inspiration as well as a processing tool for the music…and when you mix that with guitar you get magic.

As always I never talk about an album I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, but I love love love this album. If you haven’t listened to this then you need to level up and get at it!

Lunaria is out now.

Danimal Cannon on the web:
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