NEUTRONIC’s New Single: “13 Hours”


neutronic may be new arrivals on the scene, but their down-tempo, dreamy pop sound has already put the electronic duo on the radar: their first single “Closer” was featured on BBC Radio 6 in January of this year, the same month it was released. And the buzz surrounding this duo is only going to increase with their follow-up single, “13 Hours” set to drop on April 13th. The haunting and atmospheric track is more electronic in sound and darker in vibe than their first single, but it is absolutely mesmerizing.

Based in Chester (UK), neutronic is Iuliana Calenciuc and Paul Davies. The two share vocal duty and use their unique blend of UK/Romanian and boy/girl vocals to create low-fi, sensual melodies. “13 Hours” is an atmospheric and moody track that grabs you with the first beat, and holds you entranced through to the last. It opens with strong electronic beats, followed by Iuliana’s voice. Her light, clear vocals create a stunning, ethereal background for this song about love and loss. But it is at about the half-way point, when Paul joins in, that you really grasp that neutronic is more than just the latest entrant into the popular electronic pop market; that the way the duo’s voices fit perfectly together to build their gorgeous, lush harmonies elevate neutronic’s sound into the “something special” category. As they sing, Iuliana and Paul’s voices sinuously dance and weave around one another, giving an incredible sensuality and delicacy to their music.

“13 Hours” is the kind of song best listened to with the lights turned low, eyes closed, headphones on, and a glass of good wine in hand – your mind set free to wander where it will. It is also the kind of song you will listen to often and on repeat. You can listen to the track below. And when the low-fi electro vibes of neutronic become your latest addiction, you can pre-order “13 hours” on  iTunes.


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