Naommon: “Beginning Everyday”

Straight out of the London and New York nightlife by way of Paris, comes an artist with a fresh take on electro-pop that is finally ready to step out of the dark. Ladies and gents, check out the latest from Naommon!

Naommon’s latest single, “Beginning Everyday” brings a vintage 80’s synth splash meets disco intertwined with a modern club sound; clearly something that we haven’t heard in quite a long time. This is a song for those ready to get up and dance. I noticed immediately was how clean the vocals were. Yes readers, there are people out there who don’t need to diminish their vocals with computers to make a song. With Naommon, his voice began to give me chills and it felt as though I haven’t heard a real voice in a long time. It’s so refreshing!

You’re greeted with a lyrical theme that many of us can relate to. Sometimes your life can change in an instant. It’s up to you to be up for the ride and adapt or be left behind. You may fall, but every day is new and you can certainly start your life anew each moment. This is a follow your destiny song with the line “where I’m going, I don’t know but I’ll let her drive the car.” Then there’s a bit where he sings “I don’t fall when she’s with me, now there’s nothing out of reach,” as if he’s saying you’ve got to go for it. You won’t reach success unless you begin today.

The video brings a very cinematic experience that depicts Naommon burning his past and really beginning to move forward. It’s almost a life story of sorts, even though Naommon has released singles in the past. This one really shows to me that he’s ready for a hell of a ride. I tell you, whatever ride that is, I want on. With a catchy sound that many synth-geeks and dancing fools can all rally around, it’s not going to be far off that the “car” he sings about will be driving him straight to superstardom.

If you like what you hear, he’s got 5 amazing remixes on the single’s EP out TODAY!

Naommon on the web:  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Soundcloud  |  iTunes

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