Naked Highway Release “Off Ya Clothes”

naked highwayWe’ve been forced to grow up in a world where people refuse to keep their word, whether politicians, friends, lovers, employers, or the rest of society.  This is a world of broken promises.  Finally one band keeps true to their name. Naked Highway has released a new single entitled “Off Ya Clothes” with a music video showing just that.  Though it’s true that they are not, in fact, on a highway we finally get something from music rarely displayed: full frontal nudity!  Disclaimer: at this point, I feel it important to mention that Tom Cochrane and Rascall Flats have established that life itself is, actually, a highway, so I digress.

The song is an undeniably catchy dance track.  The rhythm and lyrics make you want to jump around and sing along, while doing fist pumps into the air.  Bumpy and grinding, “Off Ya Clothes” penetrates you with a craving to strip down, dance on the bar in your underwear, and catch dollar bills with your teeth.  Some call it creepy, but give in to your urges, and take your pants off at the door!  The feeling is not unlike the video, which features amazing dancers, including a fabulous bearded drag queen, and naked gogo boys in the bathroom.  It features amazing names like Rob Ordonez, Kareem McJagger, Brian Mills, and YouTube viral video sensation  Chelsea “Curvy” Bearce.

The promise of Naked Highway is fulfilled.  “Off Ya Clothes” gives you a chance at a romp on the bumpy highway we call life, fully naked.  You can catch the video censored or uncensored, depending on your pleasure, but either way, it is definitely worth taking the time to enjoy. The “clean” version of “Off Ya Clothes” is below, but if the NSFW version suits you, click here.

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