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My fav three alternative pop songs in 2015:

Everyone is Disappointing – Agon

Why? Because this song’s title speaks the truth, and the tune stays in your brain, and it’s playful and a lil’ quirky. Plus it is from a new band and the video’s quite cool too!

Male Fantasy –  Actually Huizenga

This song rocks my cheesy yet serious 80s nostalgia world. A pinch of metal guitarreiro, lyrics and voice reminiscent of Sandra’s Maria Magdelena or Laura Branigan’s Self Control. To be clear, the song is two years old, but it only caught my attention this year for the release of Actually’s full EP, Predator Romantic, so it still counts as 2015.

Sharks – LGHTNNG

Sometimes we, journalists, receive cool stuff in our inboxes… this was one of them. Synth-pop-wave, feels a bit 90s and Scandinavian, it’s fresh and pretty and unpretentious, big pink and blue <3



My fav horror movies in 2015

Obviously I haven’t seen all horror movies of 2015, first because I have a life away from my laptop, second because I reserve some (such as The Witch) for special occasions, third because I avoid torture movies; but I can tell you I have seen a lot, so here we go…

Deathgasm had pretty good fun gory scenes, it wasn’t as funny as the TV series, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, but still, perfect for a night with friends and maybe some weed and lots of junk food. Bonus points for the New Zealand accent

Hidden was a bit slow at the beginning, but for once, a horror movie actually takes time to develop characters’ relationships, why not? Plus Alexander Skarsgård is h.o.t. and don’t we all love a good old twist?

The Visit had me wonder what the eff did I just watch? I like/love almost all Shyamalan’s movies because they have a moral and tell a full story linked to his other movies. This one is the odd one out; but after letting it sink in and letting go of the few uneasy giggles during the movie, I was left with a good after taste. The Visit is creepy, weird, and depicts some everyday horror as well regular murder horror, try it!

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