My Personal Murderer Release “Constant Waiting”

My Personal Murderer, the melancholic rock band out of Ukraine has released their latest single, “Constant Waiting.”  The first single to be completely written by the band’s new line-up, the track showcases a slightly more experimental, less predictable sound than that found in the group’s earlier music.

With “Constant Waiting” the band is going in the same general direction as a melancholic fusion of post-punk, atmospheric, and depressive rock; just tweaked a bit.  Amongst the haunting melodies and brooding lyrics we’ve come to expect from My Personal Murderer, this song has some abrupt musical phrasing, a more soft and breathy vocal delivery, and an added element of electronica that combine to distinguish it from Near The Black Sea, the live album released by the group just after the newest members officially joined in 2013.

In an interview with Fourculture earlier this year, Yevgen Chebotarenko (lead vocals and guitar), Yuriy Kononov (drums), and Maxim Kovalchyk (bass) expressed excitement at the evolution of My Personal Murder from a studio project to a live, collaborative trio.  With the release of this single the band has demonstrated a willingness to experiment sonically in order to craft a sound that is reflective of their combined vision.  With a strong foundation built on haunting melodies, heartbreaking and melancholic lyrics, and Yevgen’s emotive vocals, My Personal Murderer has the leeway to tweak the details of their sound to their heart’s content.

Get “Constant Waiting” here

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