MY FOUR, Week 5

Another week of musical prosperity is upon us, and Fourculture once again looks upon four more tracks who we think cuts the mustard and throws them in the My Four musical blender. So let me Mark Sharpley, concoct this week’s cocktail.


Hailing from Worcester, England indie rock outfit Peace are here this week with the release of their album, Happy People. The band have been active since 2009 and were known as November & The Criminal. They have been creating waves ever since. Those who knew them before  has since been confined to the history as the band had, “written a whole different group of songs, which had a different feel”. And the band was created as a whole, according to lead singer Harry Koisser, simply “out of boredom”. Now if only more people got bored and started making bands as good as these guys. Available on the Columbia Records label, this is the single, “Money”.

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English singer-songwriter Duke Garwood is next up this week with the release of his new album, Heavy Love. Some of you musical folk might even be familiar with him already, as in 2014 he collaborated with former Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan. And he has also featured with dance act, The Orb, and the first two albums of English rock group, The Archie Bronson Outfit. And indeed, Lanegan has labelled Garwood, “one of his all time favourite artists”. High praise indeed. Available on the Heavenly Records label, this is the title track of the album, “Heavy Love”.

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Third choice this week is Father John Misty, and the release of his new album, I Love You, Honeybear. Now before we start getting the wrong idea about the moniker of the artist, I will throw his real name of Josh Tillman at you, which may bring a more familiar sense to it as he is J. Tillman, who was the drummer for Fleet Foxes. And this is the second album since he departed Fleet Foxes, and is, according to Tillman, is a concept album. To give the forthcoming released a bit of a different sort of promotion, Tillman created the fake music streaming service called Streamline Audio Protocol, or SAP for short, and put lo-fi versions of the albums on there, which didn’t feature some vocals or instruments on it. But here it is in all it’s glory, so go and buy it! Available on the Sub Pop Records label, this is the single, “Bored In The USA”.

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And finally this week, we bring you Californian hardcore punk outfit, Stick To Your Guns, and the release of their new album, Disobedient. Formed in 2003, it was a night at the House Of Blues in Anaheim that would prove to be fruitful as Ash Avildsen, of Sumerian Records, signed them up on the strength of their performance. And the band also hold the crowd attendance record at the Chain Reaction venue in Orange County too. This is their fifth studio album, featuring some guest vocalists such as Scott Vogel from Terror, Toby Morse of  H2O and even the album’s producer, John Feldmann. Should be a good one. Available on the Sumerian Records label, this is the video for the single, “Nobody”.

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And that is your lot for another week. Join us here again next time as we carry on bringing you the four tracks you need to know about. Keep on keeping on…


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