MY FOUR: Four Tracks You Need to Know About

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I am Mark Sharpley and this is My Four, a new column looking at four upcoming releases
that you need to know about if you take your music seriously.

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Patrick Abbate

First up is Patrick Abbate, an Italian guitarist now living in Los Angeles who sometimes gives a helping hand, musically and in translation, to one Steve Vai. His new album, Electric Dreams, is coming out very soon so have a listen to this track. Its called “Our Last Dance” and if Steve Vai and Joe Satriani float your boat, then this will make you beg for more. |

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Second recommended choice is Temples. Their new album, Sun Structures, is available now on the Heavenly Records label and is an absolute blinder. They were support to Primal Scream last year and go on their own headlining tour in the next couple of weeks. This is a cut from the album and it’s called “Shelter Song.” You need this album in your life, trust me. | www | Check them out on iTunes here.

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We Are In The Crowd

Third choice is from We Are In The Crowd, a pop punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York. Their second album, Weird Kids, will be released this week. All fresh faced and youthful (sorry, I am nearing 40…) they are commencing on a U.S. tour very soon. This is The Best Thing (That Never Happened), available on the Hopeless Records label.  |  |  Check them out on iTunes here.

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And the fourth choice is the return of Embrace. After seven years away, the band returns with this E.P. on the Cooking Vinyl label. It’s a prelude to their upcoming album, simply called Embrace. Nice to have you back, boys. This track is the title track, “Refugees.” | | Check them out on iTunes here.

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So there you have it! Look out every week for the four essential cuts that you need to know musically. Keep on keeping on!

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— Mark Sharpley


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