My Four: Four Tracks You Need to Know About 7

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It’s that time of the week again to see what’s hot in the music world with me, Mark Sharpley. Let’s see what four artists are gonna be pumping on your stereo…

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Italy’s finest rock band are back with their seventh album, Broken Crown Halo, and the last with now retired guitarist Cristiano Migliore. Lacuna Coil is embarking on an American tour entitled The Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock which I am pretty sure will live up to its billing! Available on the Century Media label, this is the single “I Forgive (But I Wont Forget Your Name)”.  |  Lacuna Coil on iTunes.

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Twenty three year old Canadian indie rocker Mac DeMarco returns with his new solo album, Salad Days, this week. Recorded in his apartment in Brooklyn, this is his third solo release. Regarding his music mood, Mac said in his own words, “Fuck man! I was just on tour for a year and a half and I am tired!” I doubt anyone will ever get tired of this new album though. Available on the Captured Tracks label, this is the single “Brother”.   | Mac DeMarco on iTunes 

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Not an orchestra from the city of Manchester, this lot are a five piece indie rock outfit from Atlanta, Georgia.  They release their new album, Cope, this week. Manchester Orchestra has been busy what with touring with the likes of My Chemical Romance, having songs feature in big name films like Dallas Buyers Club and also being the showcase artist for a TNA Wrestling Pay Per View specials. Give ’em a go to see why the music folk rate them highly. Available on the Favourite Gentlemen Recordings/Sony Music label, this is “Top Notch”.  | Manchester Orchestra on iTunes. 

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And finally this week, it’s Cloud Nothings. This indie rock 3 piece outfit hail from Cleveland, Ohio and release their follow up to 2012’s Attack On Memory which is titled Here And Nowhere Else. Originally signed by their record label as a one man band, Cloud Nothings have grown in stature as well as personnel with the Attack On Memory album getting some serious attention. People have said that the new album is even better, so go and give these guys the attention they richly deserve. Available on the Carpark Records label, this is the single “I’m Not Part Of Me”.  | Cloud Nothings on iTunes  

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And thats it for this week!  Join me again next week to see what pearls can be discovered in this deep blue musical sea.
Keep on keeping on..

 — Mark Sharpley

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  • Cloud Nothing is coming to the venue I was at last night next Saturday. Manchester Orchestra is one of my son’s absolute favorite bands. Nice choices.

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