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Another week is upon us so it’s time to let you know which artists you should be looking out for with me, Mark Sharpley. This week, we feature a couple of acts who appeared at this year’s SXSW.

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Russian popsters Pompeya played SXSW this month and have a tour starting in April. Their 2013 release, Tropical, has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm in America and got remixed in January this year. These guys are getting some serious attention at the moment, so why not give them some of yours? The album is available on the No Shame label and here is, from the upcoming EP called Night, the single “Satellite.” | Pompeya on iTunes 

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The second featured artist from the SXSW roster is Black Taxi. Hailing (sorry, bad taxi reference) from Brooklyn, they are regularly selling out shows along the east coast and have two albums and three EPs to their credit so far. They have drawn comparisons to the likes of Cake and Franz Ferdinand but feel free to judge for yourself. Available on the Chiaroscuro EP, again on the No Shame label,  this is “House On Fire.”  |  Black Taxi on iTunes   

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Foster The People are back after 2011’s highly successful debut album Torches with the follow up, Supermodel, which is released this week. Co-produced by Mark Foster and Paul Epworth (Adele’s musical cohort), the former has described this album as “angry” though I am pretty certain that Foster also endures some pussy cat style moments as well. Available on the Columbia Records label, this is “Pseudologica Fantastica.”  |  Foster the People on iTunes   

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And the fourth choice comes courtesy of Philadelphia’s own The War On Drugs.  They release their third album, Lost In The Dream, this week. Once boasting singer/songwriter Kurt Vile in the lineup, the man he formed the band with, Adam Granduciel, is also currently producing the new album from Sore Eros so expect to hear a lot from him and The War On Drugs this year. Available on the Secret Canadian label, this is the first single release, “Red Eyes.”  |  The War on Drugs on iTunes   

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And that’s your lot for this week!  Join us next week for more musical gems ready to be found and polished. Keep on keeping on.

 — Mark Sharpley

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