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The year is coming to an end, but here at Fourculture we still like to keep the music momentum flowing. This week’s My Four is no different, so without further ado, let me, Mark Sharpley, guide you through this week’s hot picks. And we begin with…


Billy Corgan returns this week with the release of the first of two albums, Monuments To An Elegy. The lineup of the Pumpkins have changed in so many public ways, but Corgan remains as the leader with Jeff Schroeder being the only other recognised member of the band. But there is an interesting choice of drummer for this album, coming in the shape of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee. And the tour has seen Rage Against The Machine drummer, Brad Wilk, and The Killers bassist, Mark Stoermer, take to the road with the band. A Pumpkins supergroup if you will. Available on the BMG Music label, this is the single, “One And All (We Are).


Hailing from Sweden, this is Naomi Pilgrim and the release of her new single, It’s All Good. This is the first single since Naomi’s single release in April, House Of Dreams. Which it would be. And indeed, it has a warm looking video, and it even has a DeLorean in it for all you 80’s car fans. Great tune though! Available on the Cosmos Records label, this indeed is the video for, “It’s No Good”.


French music maestro Thot is also here this week with the release of his new effort, Traces. Thot, or Gregoire Fray to give him his full title, is a huge favourite here at Fourculture, having been featured with his wonderful album, The City That Disappears. He has been on an acoustic tour too, which for whoever has listened to his music will find that even more interesting given the style. Here is hoping that 2015 sees more of this very talented artist. And here is the video for the afore mentioned track, “Traces”.


And finally this week, it’s a band that needs no introduction, but I will anyway. It’s the legendary Moody Blues and the remastered re-release of their debut album, The Magnificent Moodies. And why is it here? Well, this column included the vinyl release of The Stone Roses debut effort, due to the significance of that album. And this is no different, as the single that introduced the band to the world is on here in the shape of, “Go Now!”. Then, soon after, “Nights In White Satin” came along, and the rest they say is history. But this album is where it all began, and this two disc album comes with extra songs, and is a pick for anybody who loves their music. Available on the Cherry Red Records label, this is the song that got people’s attention, “Go Now!”.

And that is it for another week! Join me next time as we pick out four more tracks you need to know about. Keep on keeping on..


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