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my-four-web-columnWhere has the year gone? We are on the verge of October and the music just keeps on coming and we keep on bringing you four tracks you need to know about every week with me, Mark Sharpley. We begin this week with an old album…



Definitely Maybe first defined Oasis as a dent in music’s armour. What’s The Story (Morning Glory)? then completely blew that armour to pieces. It’s that album that is re-released this week as a 3 disc issue with demos and live tracks from historic gigs at Knebworth, Earl’s Court and Maine Road. I have included it this week as it is one of THE defining albums that British rock music has ever offered and always will be. Whether Noel and Liam Gallagher settle their differences and reform is a little less predictable. Available on the Big Brother Recordings label, this is the video for, “Some Might Say”.  | Get the music on iTunes


Supergroup Flying Colors are here this week with the release of their second album, Second Nature. Comprised of members from Dream Theater, Dixie Dregs, Spock’s Beard, Alpha Rev and Deep Purple, this is the band’s second album following 2012’s Flying Colors release. According to drummer Mike Portnay, “The first album was very much a blind date…direction was never discussed. We just did what we do”. The way music (sometimes) needs to be done. Available on the Mascot Label group label, this is the single, “Mask Machine”.  | Get the music on iTunes 


Hailing from Toronto, The Rural Alberta Advantage release their third album this week entitled Mended With Gold. The trio, consisting of Nils Edenloff, Amy Cole and Paul Banwatt, had a rather difficult beginning to life as a band when they had an open stage night at The Winchester in Cabbagetown (yup, a real place) and nobody turned up. The venue is now a Tim Horton’s and the band have stated that if anywhere else needs closing, they would be happy to help. Available on the Saddle Creek Records label, this is a song of the album called, “Runners In The Night”.  | Get the music on iTunes 


And finally this week, it’s The Vaselines and the release of their new album, V For Vaselines. The band has been around in some form since 1986 and was originally a duo, forming of Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, both of whom are the mainstays of the band. But people will indeed know them best from being one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite bands, and Nirvana subsequently covered, “Molly’s Lips”, and, “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam”. And it was thanks to Nirvana that Eugene Kelly admitted, “I’ve never made any money, apart from the Nirvana royalties”. So go and see what the fuss is about, people! Available on the Rosary Records label, this is the single, “One Lost Year”.  | Get the music on iTunes

And there you have it for another week, and indeed another month. Join me next week for another dose of My Four.  Keep on keeping on…


— Mark Sharpley
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