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Still hot where you are? The music must be as hot too, and if it isn’t then this is the column for you as we
take a look at the four artists you need to know about with myself, Mark Sharpley. We begin this week with…



North Carolina’s own Porter Robinson is first up this week with the release of his debut album, Worlds. The album itself is said to be “very different” from his earlier releases of which, in his own words, were too ‘DJ friendly’. Though on the night of the Oscars he took “very different” to a whole new level, when he released the first single, “Sea Of Voices”, and subsequently managed to crash Soundcloud due to the demand for the track. Dare to be different, Porter!  Available on the Astralwerks label, this is that single, “Sea Of Voices”.  | Get the music on iTunes 


Welsh avantpop duo Trwbador are here this week with the release of their new album, Several Animals. The founding members, Owain Gwilym and Angharad Van Rijswijk, met at Newport University in 2010 and perform their songs in both English and Welsh. And they have an intriguing sound too, with it being described as, “if they were deserted at birth, and raised by the instruments in the school music cupboard”. Some form of praise indeed. Available on the Owlet Records label, this is a song from the album called, “Breakthrough”.  | Check them out on Soundcloud   


Combining the cities of Nottingham and London, Childhood are here with the release of their debut album, Lacuna. A band that has, “a nostalgic 90’s sound”, they have been championed by former Spacemen 3 founder, Sonic Boom. And he had high praise for them, saying that they are, “the sort of thing you come across once in a summer of balmy blue moons”. And Radio 1 are quite keen on them too. Available on the House Anxiety/Marathon Artists labels, this is the first single called, “Falls Away”.  | Check them out on Soundcloud

FKA Twigs

And finally this week, it’s the turn of London based musician and dancer, FKA Twigs, and the release of her debut album, LP1. The FKA bit of her name stands for, “Formerly Known As”, and she is of Jamaican and Spanish descent. She has also been a back up dancer for Jessie J and has also been featured in a 3 minute BBC comedy sketch called, “Beyonce Wants Groceries”. As she would, of course. Oh, and Billboard named her as one of the artists to look out in 2014, and so are we here at Fourculture. Available on the Young Turks label, this is the single, “Two Weeks”. | Get the music on iTunes

And that is it for this week! Join me again next week as we review the four artists you need to know about. Keep on keeping on…

— Mark Sharpley

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