My Four: Four Tracks You Need to Know About 22

It’s still scorching out there in this wonderful summer, and now it’s time to pick out four
of the artists that you need to know about with myself, Mark Sharpley. And this week we begin with…


Canadian indie rock troopers, PS I Love You, are first up this week with the release of their third album, For Those Who Stay. This is the follow up to 2012’s Death Dreams, and that particular album earned them a nomination to the Polaris Prize Long List. It was an impressive achievement for the duo…and before you ask, the name has nothing to do with the film of the same name. Available on the Paper Bag label, this is the title track, “For Those Who Stay”.  |  PS I Love You on iTunes 


Californian punk outfit, Joyce Manor, are also here this week with the release of their new album, Never Hungover Again. The name for the band was inspired by the name of the apartment building which was close to singer Barry Johnson’s house. The band itself was formed on a drunken day out to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth it seems if you want to start a band. Available on the Epitaph label, this is the single, “Catalina Fight Song”.  Joyce Manor on Bandcamp


La Roux, or Elly Jackson to her friends, is back this week with her second album, Trouble In Paradise. We may have to be thankful to Miss Jackson for actually doing a second album after the grand scale success of 2009’s eponymous debut album, and the even grander scale of touring, left her “unsure of herself”. It was revealed that longtime collaborator Ben Langmaid had quit the project which didn’t help matters. With all obstacles overcome, all there is to do is repeat the success of the first album. No pressure there then. Available on the Polydor Records Label, this is the single, “Uptight Downtown”.  |  La Roux on iTunes


And finally this week, it’s Sheffield’s own Slow Club and their new album release, Complete Surrender. Another musical two piece (they do feature quite a lot with us), they do possess a touring band which from time to time includes Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield. They have managed to persuade Daniel Radcliffe to star in one of their videos as well. Not bad going at all! Complete Surrender is out now and is available on the Wichita label. This is the single, and title track, “Complete Surrender”.  |  Slow Club on iTunes

That is that for yet another week!  Please join me again as we continue to present the f four artists you need to know about.
Keep on keeping on…

— Mark Sharpley

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